The Association has been working for residents of Bush Hill Park for over eighty years. We are an active group looking to help local residents solve problems and promote the well-being of the area. We work very closely with the local Councillors, meeting them each month to discuss issues and developments. Please use our contact form or Facebook to get through to us. Or you can e-mail info@bhpra.org.uk. Better still—why not join us? It is only £5 per household and you can see details of what we do and also how to pay here on the web-site.

We’re looking for street Liaison Officers to cover roads in our area. Please consider volunteering for just a few hours a year to help. Full details are here. Thank you!

Campaign for more off-peak Overground trains?

We’re considering running a campaign to get TfL to increase the frequency of the off-peak service from Enfield Town. If you want to get involved, please e-mail MoreEnfieldTrains@gmail.com.

Average speed cameras petition

Councillor James Hockey has started a petition on change.org calling on TfL to introduce Average Speed Cameras as promised two years ago.

Spurs match dates

Check this site for the next Spurs match date if you are concerned with match-day parking or travel on Overground.

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