BHPRA response to LBE Street Trading Consultation

The BHPRA have sent the following response to Enfield Council over their recent Consultation about changes to Street Trading regulations.

The Bush Hill Park Residents’ Association (BHPRA) agree with the proposals of
Enfield Council to relax Street Trading regulations in order to provide more
support to businesses. Our decision to support the extension of street
trading to allow the display of goods is a recognition of the great difficulty
that shops are facing in some parts of the Borough.

Our support, however, is conditional on the Council also honouring its
commitment stated in the Consultation to ensure there would be sufficient space
on the pavement for pedestrians, particularly the disabled and those with poor eye-
sight, and that the type of goods on display is not detrimental to the overall
quality of the area. On this last point the consultation specifically mentions
conservation areas where such assessments would be made. The BHPRA believes
that such assessments should be undertaken equally in all areas.

We also believe that the Council should continue to make charges for the ability
to display goods as without a financial bar it could lead to significant
problems. We understand that a 30% discount for small businesses is being
proposed for the first year of operation, which we fully support.

Whilst supporting these proposals however, the BHPRA wishes to stress the
importance of enforcement and it calls upon the Council to make commitments
to enforcement in any final proposals on changes to Street Trading.

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