BHPRA response to LBE on Enfield Masterplan

We broadly support the London Borough of Enfield’s strategic plan. Our Key Points are:

  • We would not want to have a “Mini Croydon”. Pinnacle House with a height of twelve stories must not be the precedent for future development.
    Our group would recommend a maximum height of four stories.
  • What is the Enfield Town Centre brand and Unique Selling Point?
  • Where is the cohesion within LBE regarding Town Centre Management? Enfield Business Retail Association (EBRA) and Enfield Chamber of Commerce are no more. Who co-ordinates traders (particularly smaller ones) to arrange “pop up cinemas”, seasonal events etc?
  • One of our members met with Alden McCalla, the local representative for the Federation of Small Businesses. Alden believes his organisation could help in this area. His e mail is
  • Parking is an issue, particularly if the London Borough of Enfield is looking to develop an” evening economy”. Genotin Road surface level car park is attractive for people visiting the Town Centre in the evening and should be retained.
  • The “Cycle Enfield” initiative has proved to be very divisive. As the new road layout on Green Lanes becomes more accepted we should consider revisiting plans to pedestrianise Church Street or perhaps limit access allowing only buses and cycles.
  • Traffic from the M25 causes problems. Congestion around Enfield Chase Station, and particularly the junction of Windmill Hill/Old Park Avenue/Chase Side is not conducive to creating an attractive entrance to Enfield Town.
  • Apparently Metaswitch are looking at the consolidation of their offices in that area. This may provide a development opportunity.
  • We should look at centres of excellence around the borough: traders such as Holtwhite’s Bakery, or the plethora of successful restaurants in Cockfosters, and see if they could replicate their offer in Enfield Town Centre.

These points have now been submitted to Enfield Council.

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