Future of Policing

One of our members attended the meeting on the 20th September and reported the following;

I spoke briefly with Ian Raphael, Cathie Lawson and Jenny Barnett, this was before the meeting started and it was said and confirmed later at the meeting, that it was the intention of closing down the Enfield Town police station. The only police station to cover the enfield community, would be that of the Edmonton Station. The present practice of Hubs, which we now experience in the Bush Hill Park area, that in Lincoln Road, would be introduced into other parts of Enfield. Ian and the representative from the London Assembly, who’s name escapes me, were both agreed on the course which was now being pursued.

Government support, in financial terms, are to be reduced by four hundred million pounds over the next four to five years over the whole of the Metropolitan Police force. It was stated, in confident terms, that a saving of two hundred million would be achieved.
Listening to the news of this morning, a little bit late for the meeting, I note that there is now serious official concerns about the effects of the intended cuts.

Is it acceptable to close Enfield town police station? Maybe, as long as those in command can satisfy the community that they will be able to police the community in a more efficient way.

It is intended to fit out the ’bobby on the street’ with iPads so that they can more directly send reports through to the central stations. I assume, this will require an act of parliament, in order that they can be used and accepted as statements.

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