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A10 speeding cameras – update Jan 2018

The following sets out the position agreed between TfL and LBE following the meeting of the 4th October involving the following parties:
Leon Daniels, MD Surface Transport
Tim Graves, Head of Business Operation & Performance
Christian Van de Nest, Surface Integration Manager
Len Lau, TfL Borough Engagement Manager
Cllr Daniel Anderson, Cabinet Member for Environment
Cllr Vicki Pite, Associate Cabinet Member (Enfield North)
Gary Barnes, Executive Director, Regeneration & Environment
David Taylor, Head of Traffic & Transportation

In view of the collision history on the A10 and the continuing problems associated with ‘car-cruising’, both LBE and TfL agree that a comprehensive average speed camera scheme would be an effective solution.

However, due to TfL’s funding constraints, a fully comprehensive average speed camera scheme will have to be implemented in a phased approach. The first phase will see mobile speed camera(s) installed within the next 3–4 months, with additional cameras coming on stream incrementally as funding allows, with a view to completing a comprehensive scheme within the next 3 years.

TfL and LBE will work collaboratively to develop the scheme, sharing information as necessary to ensure that both parties understand the scope of the scheme and necessary
timescales for the phased delivery.

The agreed position for the media etc. is as follows:
TfL, Enfield Council and the Police are working in partnership to resolve the long-standing problems associated with speeding on the A10. The multi-agency approach involves each organisation taking co-ordinated action, phased to tackle the problem. Some of the initiatives include:

  • The Council shortly introducing a ‘public spaces protection order’ to allow it to support the Police in taking action to stop ‘car-cruising’ meets on the retail parks;
  • The Police continuing to undertake speed enforcement operations; and
  • TfL rolling out a sequence of measures from Spring 2018, starting with mobile speed cameras in the short-term, but moving towards permanent average speed cameras over the longer-term.

However, due to TfL’s funding constraints, a fully comprehensive average speed camera scheme, aimed at a reduction in speed and an improvement in the road’s safety record, will be delivered on a phased basis. The first phase will be introduced within the next few months, with all parties working towards completion of the scheme within three years.

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