BHPRA writes to TfL about missing countdowns and shelter lighting

The BHPRA wrote today to the Managing Director of Surface Transport (Gareth Powell) about the continuing inability for TfL/LBE to have the countdowns and lights reinstated at the new bus stops along the A105.  We have sent copies to Cllr Doug Taylor (leader of LBE) and Joanne McCartney MEP & London Authority Transport Committee member.

Dear Colleagues,
A105 Enfield – Loss of Bus Countdowns & Bus Shelter lighting

We are writing on behalf of Bush Hill Park Residents Association to elicit your help with installation of bus stop countdowns that were removed or lost function during the Cycle Enfield (CE) construction phase on the A105.

After a year of enquiries (March 2017 – February 2018) residents still have no satisfactory reply from TfL or CE nor any idea when the countdowns will re-appear.

Briefly correspondence has been along the following lines and is ongoing:

30th March 2017 CE
“Thank you for your enquiry. I forwarded this to Transport for London on 23 March who are responsible ( for the reinstallation schedule. I have not yet had a response but will forward this to you as soon as I receive one.”

14th July 2017 the CE newsletter said:
Q – My local bus stop has been reinstated but the electronic countdown is no longer there – why?
A – All stops that had countdowns previously will have them installed by TfL but there is a slight lag time between reopening the stop and installation of the countdown as people have indicated they would prefer the stops to be opened as soon as possible.

25th Jan 2018 TfL Ref: 11306312:
“We always plan to reinstate the Countdown signs at bus stops which have been replaced. We need to wait for the electrical connection to be reconnected before we can do this.”

It has been suggested that passengers use TfL Apps, but phones, smart or otherwise, are not the answer. Even without the digital divide which disadvantages many bus users, it is vital to see and be seen by the bus driver and the distraction of tracking the bus by phone risks you failing to hail the bus and hence miss it.

We have also noticed that in addition to the loss of countdowns several bus stops are now in darkness with light fittings that do not work.

We request TfL to inspect all bus stops along the A105 in Enfield and remedy the loss of countdowns and lights.

Meanwhile we are particularly aware of:

  • Church Street southbound bus stop A:
    Missing countdown and no working light. With no nearby lamp post this stop is very dark at night. It is also disadvantaged by the placement of the shelter facing away from buses towards and near a cycle track, which becomes the obvious place to stand watching for a bus weather permitting. The several nearby benches from CE are not suitably positioned to help.
  • St. Stephens southbound bus stop C:
    Missing countdown and no light. The shelter at this slightly relocated stop was replaced, without countdown, in March 2017.
  • Compton Road northbound bus stop R:
    No working light in a dark location.
  • Shrubbery Road northbound bus stop S:
    This bus stop was not relocated, but its countdown no longer works.
  • Lodge Drive northbound bus stop:
    The new shelter, recently and at last installed, has so far no code to track it by, so even a phone won’t help.

We wrote to you all last year with a list of “snagging” faults highlighted by our members.  We believed that Cycle Enfield not only was to encourage cycling within the Borough, but to enhance Public Transport, particularly for the elderly. This is not happening.  We look forward to your reply and trust we will see some progress.

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