Update on Enfield Town centre

This update was provided by the new part-time Town Centre Manager, Mark Rudling:

Another event is on the weekend of 22nd/23rd September when The Old Enfield Charitable Trust will be taking part in the Open Doors London event and there will be lots of activities in the Market Place on the Sunday.

There will also be an international market on Fountain Island on the following Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th September.

Major works are still underway on the three units next to McDonalds. These will eventually become the new Santander unit. There is no date yet for completion, although Santander will be moving out of their present unit on September 10th to make way for Metrobank. Because Santander’s new unit won’t be completed by their original anticipated date, they will be providing a small counter for enquiries from October at the front of the new building site.

Other changes in Church Street:

  • The ex-Maplin unit is being occupied on a short lease by a furniture/mobile phone business, which is at least a bit better than an empty unit.
  • The Favourite Chicken shop has changed hands and is now a take-away chicken and burger company called Morley’s.
  • Another new business coming shortly to Enfield Town is a Vegan Restaurant on the corner of Southbury Road/Genotin Road.

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