Bury Lodge Park wins Silver Gilt in London in Bloom

The Friends on Bury Lodge Park have sent out this update today:

We now have the results of the London In Bloom competition. Once again, we have received a Silver Gilt Award in the Small Parks Category, frustratingly only one point away from a Gold.

The Neighbourhood Awards have changed and we received a Thriving Award, again just one point away from Outstanding. This year we also entered the Walled Garden category, for which we were also awarded a Silver Gilt.

Of course, we would have liked to have improved to a Gold, but we are very happy to have maintained the Silver Gilt and in fact to have improved slightly on last year. Given the budget cuts which have resulted in the Council being unable to help very much financially, we feel that Mick, the gardener, and his small group of volunteers have done a really good job of keeping up standards in the park and deserve a huge thank you.

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