Cllr Jon Daniels (BHP Ward) resigns

Councillor Jon Daniels issued this statement on Tuesday 25th September:

On Monday 24th September I took the decision to resign from my position as
councillor for Bush Hill Park Ward. The resignation was with immediate

I have made the difficult decision to resign due to the pressures of
balancing a family and work life.

I love my wife and my 7 year old twins dearly. My family should come first
but with a full time job and the commitments of being a councillor I have
been neglecting the needs of my family and my work.

Therefore I took the decision to resign as councillor to re-address the
balance, give my family the love, attention and commitment they deserve, and
ensure that I am able to meet work commitments.

It has been a difficult time for Enfield Conservatives and they need to
regroup to pull together as an effective opposition to the Labour
Adminstration. Every Conservative councillor needs to giving their all to
scrutinise the decisions of the council to ensure decisions are in the best
interests of all Enfield residents. I was not able to give my all.

Best regards,

Jon Daniels

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