Wear it Pink Day—19 October

Local resident Mary Huckle is organising a second Wear it Pink fundraising event together with local businesses around Bush Hill Park station.

Incredibly it’s been almost a year since the previous “Wear It Pink” day last October when just over £1000 in donations was raised in a matter of days.  

With that in mind, it feels like a great time to remind the community of this success, only achieved by joining together for a great cause; to raise funds for much needed research into breast cancer. 

Sadly, as so many of us know, almost every one of us is touched by breast cancer, either directly or indirectly. 

With 50,000 women being diagnosed each year, it’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women living in the UK. One in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in their life. As well as women, 350 men are diagnosed each year, in the UK. We need to continue striving towards a cause: to stop men and women dying by the year 2050, but researchers and scientists can only hope to achieve this through donations.

We’re hoping everyone will be on board again for 2018’s fundraising campaign so we can build on last year’s result to make it bigger and better.

Last year Mary had limited time to organise the event which meant that she didn’t get around to asking everyone who might have liked to be involved. So, this year we want to make sure everyone gets the chance to be included and can spread the word before the event itself. Any time, money and support you give will be appreciated. 

The event will take place on Friday the 19th October 2018 but Mary is hoping to put collection boxes into as many businesses as possible at the start of the week commencing the 15th October. Mary would love to hear from businesses who want to play a part in the run up to the event as well as on the day, by displaying boxes and other fundraising materials which she can pass onto you once she has received them from Breast Cancer Now.

So, let’s start to build some positive momentum and smash last year’s target in the hope of making a meaningful dent in the search for a cure.  

You can contact Mary by e-mail.

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