New petition against changes to Enfield’s bin collection

As reported in our latest newsletter, a few months ago Helen Mitchel launched a petition through the 38 Degrees website to get the Council to reverse its controversial scheme to change Bin Collections. She raised over 6500 signatures only to be told by the Council the petition would not be accepted on a technicality (that insufficient people had given their full name and address, using only their postcodes).

A friend based in Palmers Green decided to relaunch this petition this time using the e-petition format within Enfield Council’s website. Since 16th July the petition has registered just over 1950 signatures, that is over 60% of the minimum level needed to get the Council to revisit this policy and hold a debate. As at 30th July 2064 people had signed the petition.

The deadline for this e-petition is 28th August. In brief, the Council intends to collect our bins on a fortnightly basis – black one week blue the next etc. and charge £65 per annum for the green waste – your guess what the charge could be in years to come!

This post is aimed at raising awareness of this e-petition. Please support it and let your friends and fellow neighbours know what has been planned by our Council

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