Let’s Talk: LBE launches conversation about the future of Enfield Town

LBE is seeking the views of people who use Enfield Town.  It proposes making changes to the Town centre using £8.5m obtained from various sources.

Please complete the on-line survey. [Paper surveys are available at libraries.] Please note that registration is required for the survey and that the password is not the same as Enfield Connected.

The online survey can be completed here.

Closing date for responses has been extended to Sunday 10th November.


At a public meeting, attended by between 70 and 80 people, on Sunday 15th September, Council Leader Nesil Caliskan began a conversation process over making changes to Enfield Town.  The Council’s response was partly due to the number of residents who had raised concerns with LBE.

The budget for the work is at least £8.5m, composed of £6m from the London Mayor, £1.5m from TfL, £1m from the Council’s own budget, plus further contributions from developers.  Cllr Caliskan said that the amount would not be sufficient on its own, but that it would help conversations with others to “unlock” further monies.

LBE has identified five retail areas within the Borough; Enfield Town, Edmonton Green, Angel Road Edmonton, Southgate and Palmers Green.  Each town centre would develop its own Action Plans, with Palmers Green being the first.

In introducing the subject, Cllr Caliskan said that the Council wanted to hear from individual residents and representative groups as to how the Town should develop.  She wanted to see people visiting the Town for reasons other than retail and noted LBE had no shared workspace within the Borough.  She also noted that it was the only London Borough (out of 32) not to be recently listed as having an evening economy.

Cllr Caliskan explained that now Deutche Bank had acquired the freehold of the whole of Palace Gardens she was starting a conversation with them over their plans for the site.  Cllr Caliskan had met with Heidi Alexander, Deputy Mayor for London (Transport) in the Town to underline the work needed.

Cllr Caliskan emphasised the need for people in the Town to feel safe.  LBE had recently invested £1m on CCTV and safely was continually discussed with the Borough Commander of the Metropolitan Police.  However, she admitted the Council couldn’t sort out the anti-social behaviour problems alone, though she felt the design of the Town Centre could assist.

Cllr Caliskan emphasised the importance of planning policy which needed to be developed to influence development.  She cited the Local Plan which was (still) being produced.  Other levels of control the Council has are the levels of affordable housing in proposed developments, licensing, links with the London Mayor and dealing with litter and fly-tipping.


LBE would be presenting its initial preferred outline in Spring 2020, together with running a small project on the land between Church Street and Little Park Gardens, to act as an illustration of what might be achieved.

In Summer 2020 further workshops are planned on the public realm design.

The final project approval should occur in Autumn 2020 with the work being carried out in 2021.


The project seeks to:

  • create vibrant streets that help local businesses to thrive
  • improve air quality
  • create greener environment
  • improve the public spaces
  • increase the trips using public transport, cycling and walking
  • creating safer neighbourhoods; reducing road danger
  • providing good connections to public transport

Consultative Group

A consultative group has been established with a number of interested parties, including the Enfield Town Residents Association, Over 50s Forum, Better Streets for Enfield, Business Associations, Enfield Disability Action. The BHPRA is one of the groups included.

This group will be lead by an independent Chair.

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