20m mobile phone mast near BHP station?

Proposed Base Station installation, CTIL_15081921, Junction of First Avenue and Queen Anne’s Place, Enfield, EN1 2QX

Planning Application Number 20/01162/PAT

We need to draw your attention to a planning application, lodged with Enfield Council, for the erection of a 20m (66 feet) high telephone mast. The mast will be located in the unspoilt greensward on the corner of First Avenue and Queen Annes Place (opposite Bagshot Road). The mast will have two dishes, above the tree line, along with three unsightly cabinets at street level.

The applicant has tried to screen the installation in the tree line. However, in their own words, 25% of the mast will be above the tree line (including dishes) to be signal effective.

Whilst most of us use mobile ‘phones we believe the benefits of this installation are far outweighed by the intrusion in the conservation area. This proposal is an industrial sized response located in an inappropriate and charming part of our area. Our views are that the mast’s siting, location, and ugly appearance is detrimental to the unique atmosphere of the Bush Hill Park Conservation area.

If you agree may we urge as many residents as possible to write, in the strongest possible terms listing their objections. These can only be on siting, location and appearance (not health).

Apart from Bush Hill Park Residents Association, Bush Hill Park Conservation Study Group and The Enfield Society will or have registered objections.

Please forward your objections to planning.decisions@enfield.gov.uk before 11th May.