BHPRA adds its voice to the objections to the Coloseum Retail Park development

The BHPRA has submitted a formal objection to aspects of the proposed Coloseum Retail Park development.

The BHPRA believes that the major issue with this development is one that affects all “High Rise” building within the London Borough of Enfield, that is, there is no coherent policy regarding tall buildings. This allows developers “carte blanche” to quote precedent of development.

  • The B&Q site is ostensibly a “shed type” development from the 1980s
  • As such we would agree that this a “brown field” site which would significantly benefit from a well-planned residential development
  • What has clearly been learnt from the “lock down” is the need for Gentle Density. People are looking for space and greenery, not high rise. Where this does not take place, it is clearly reflected in mental health
  • The proposed development goes against this, which is surprising as the Alma Road redevelopment moves away from the brutal 1970s to a much more considered development, which considers the wishes of residents
  • The Grenfell Tower catastrophe showed that Emergency Services cannot deal with fires over a certain height, so we are again surprised that large monolithic buildings are being considered
  • One major issue is public transport links. Residents will have little car parking space so will be reliant on Transport Public links. Southbury is the nearest Station, on the Hertford to Liverpool Street line, with Enfield Town and Bush Hill Park being a twenty-minute walk away.
  • The problem with both lines is that if there is a reliable service, it is just not frequent.
  • There are still issues around infrastructure, particularly schools, health provision and a mix of shops

The BHPRA notes that several other Community Groups, including The Enfield Society, Enfield Town Centre Residents Association and the Enfield Over 50s Forum have all expressed similar concerns. Our Group supports them and urges the Council to reject the application.

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