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Easing restrictions in parks and open spaces in Enfield

Statement by LBE, dated 13/5/2020:
The government’s announcement about the easing of lock-down restrictions comes into effect today (13 May 2020). Enfield Council acknowledges that some of the new guidance can be confusing and strongly advises residents to stay at home if at all possible despite the restrictions being eased. There are now a limited number of things you can do that you couldn’t do before. These include meeting one other person from a different household outdoors, exercising as often as you wish and using some outdoor sports courts or facilities with members of your household or one other person while staying at least two metres apart. Enfield Council is taking the following action in its parks and open spaces in response to the new guidelines from the government:

  • Car parks in parks and open spaces are being reopened
  • Tennis courts are being reintroduced for play
  • Angling is being reintroduced at Grovelands Park, Trent Park and Forty Hall Park
  • Park benches will be made available for use in accordance with social distancing rules
  • Golf courses will be reorganised and opened in the near future, subject to safety measures being introduced. Further details and timings will be announced shortly.

However, your health and well-being are Enfield Council’s number one priority and you should continue to observe social distancing guidelines when you are outside your home, including ensuring you are two metres away from anyone outside your household. As a result, the following measures will remain in place:

  • Social distancing banners will be retained and additional signage will be installed in car parks, in parks and tennis courts.
  • Playgrounds, public toilets, outdoor gyms, multi-use gym areas, basketball and netball courts remain out of use

We urge everyone to continue to respect the social distancing guidelines that remain in place. We will not hesitate to revise arrangements if people are failing to observe these restrictions and putting the health and well-being of others at risk.

If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home – this is critical to staying safe and saving lives.

Let’s keep going!

As we are all eagerly awaiting an update from the government about the next steps for ‘lock-down’, it is important that we continue to stay at home. We must not undo the hard work we have done so far. It is important that you don’t see anyone outside of your household over the bank holiday weekend – keep in touch with family and friends via the telephone or video calls instead. You are continuing to protect yourself, your loved ones and our NHS.

Read more information about Coronavirus

At home shouldn’t mean at risk

Domestic abuse support services are available for anyone that needs them. If you need support, Enfield Council have a new hotline. You can call their free-phone number on 0800 923 9009 (open Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, excluding Bank Holidays). If you call outside of these hours, there is an automated message with information on who you can call.

You can find more information about domestic abuse and get advice on more services that can support you on our website. If you or someone you know is in danger you should phone 999 and ask for the police.

Read more information on our website


We are still here for you

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, Healthwatch Enfield is still ‘open’ and are here to provide you with information and signposting. Even though our office is closed, we are all working remotely. So you can call us on our information line (020 8373 6283) Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm or email us (mailto:admin@healthwatchenfield.co.uk) at any time.

It’s even more important to hear your experiences of using local health and social care services – do keep giving us your feedback of help and support, what is working, as well as what isn’t. You can do this by telephoning, emailing us or going onto our website.

Our website has lots of information about Coronavirus to ensure you have access to all the information you need in one place. If you don’t already do so, follow our Facebook page and/or Twitter page for regular updates throughout the day, including the weekends.

Visit our Coronavirus webpages

How to get help from an NHS Volunteer Responder

The ‘NHS Volunteer Responders’ scheme has been set up to support the NHS and the care sector during the Coronavirus outbreak. An “army” of hundreds of thousands of volunteers are ready to help ‘vulnerable’ individuals with things such as shopping/medicine collection, transport to appointments, or even just having a friendly chat. If you meet the eligibility criteria you can refer yourself to the scheme and ask for help. If you care for someone that needs help, you can refer on their behalf too.

Getting help from the NHS Volunteer Responders

Getting practical help in Enfield

The Enfield Council Enfield Stands Together helpline is there for vulnerable people in Enfield who are self-isolating at home and are unable to get support from family or trusted friends. If you need support, please ring Enfield Council on 020 3821 1966. Phone lines are open Monday – Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm, and Saturday to Sunday 10am to 2pm. You can also ask for help by completing an online form.
More information about Enfield Stands Together: https://healthwatchenfield.co.uk/information-about-coronavirus/getting-practical-help-locally

How to continue using NHS services during the Coronavirus outbreak

We are all mindful of the current pressure our NHS is under. So knowing what to do when we, our families and friends are unwell with non-Coronavirus symptoms is something we need to talk about.

If you have general health problems or concerns, it is really important that you continue to seek medical advice when you need to. And remember in a life threatening emergency, you should still call 999. People are still getting unwell and are still having accidents. Our NHS is working hard to operate and is doing everything it can to continue to keep you safe. Keep an eye on our website for local service updates. Read more information on our website: https://healthwatchenfield.co.uk/news/how-to-continue-using-services

Local hospital updates

Visiting local hospitals

Please note that visiting patients on wards is still suspended at local hospitals. Please do not visit to protect yourself, staff and patients. Exceptions do apply, please read our website for more information.

Keeping in touch with patients staying at the North Mid

Even though you can’t visit patients at the North Mid hospital, the hospital still has ways for you to stay in touch with patients.

  1. You can email them – northmid.patientmessages@nhs.net and your message will be passed on.
  2. You can contact them on Skype or Facetime through a donated device – contact PALS to arrange on 020 8887 3172 or email northmid.pals@nhs.net
  3. A phone can be provided for your relative to call you – ask the PALS team.

Barnet Hospital’s children and young people’s A&E

Last week, the children and young people’s emergency department (A&E) at Barnet Hospital was closed and diverted to other hospitals to deliver the best possible care to all patients during the Coronavirus pandemic. Anyone aged under 18 needing care for an accident or an emergency should go to the emergency departments at the following hospitals instead:

  • North Middlesex University Hospital for London residents
    (Sterling Way, London, N18 1QX)
  • Watford General Hospital for Hertfordshire residents
    (Vicarage Road, Watford, Herts, WD18 0HB)

More information about visiting local hospitals: https://healthwatchenfield.co.uk/information-about-coronavirus/local-hospitals

Coronavirus testing now available for front-line care sector workers in Enfield

Coronavirus testing is now available for front-line care sector workers in Enfield via a drive through service at Lee Valley Athletics Park in Edmonton, N9 0AR (via pre-booked appointment only). If you are eligible you can book a testing slot online https://feedback.camdenccg.nhs.uk/camden-ccg/ncl-covid-19-staff-testing-drive-thru

Testing is only open to people with a booked and confirmed appointment letter, at the designated time. Under no circumstances should anyone travel to a testing location without this.
Read more information on our website https://healthwatchenfield.co.uk/news/coronavirus-testing-now-available-for-front-line-care-sector-workers-in-enfield

Stay home and continue to help save lives

Thanks to your sacrifices, social distancing is working. But if we stop now, we risk increasing the spread of Coronavirus. It was announced last week that the rules have been extended by at least three weeks, and will not be changed until certain conditions are met.

Everyone has a part to play to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. You must continue to stay at home to help protect our NHS & save lives. If you go out, you can spread the virus. Read more information about Coronavirus: https://healthwatchenfield.co.uk/information-about-coronavirus


Using data published by Public Health England, we can watch the case numbers being reported in the London Borough of Enfield:

DateTotal to dateDaily rise
Tuesday 26 May8810
Monday 25 May881+1
Sunday 24 May8800
Saturday 23 May8800
Friday 22 May880+1
Thursday 21 May879+4
Wednesday 20 May875+3
Tuesday 19 May872+1
Monday 18 May871+2
Sunday 17 May869+2
Saturday 16 May867+7
Friday 15 May860+2
Thursday 14 May858+2
Wednesday 13 May8560
Tuesday 12 May8560
Monday 11 May856+1
Sunday 10 May855+2
Saturday 9 May853+1
Friday 8 May852+2
Thursday 7 May850+2
Wednesday 6 May848+4
Tuesday 5 May844+3
Monday 4 May841+3
Sunday 3 May838+5
Saturday 2 May833+2
Friday 1 May831+4
Thursday 30 April827+3
Wednesday 29 April824+15
Tuesday 28 April809+28
Monday 27 April7810
Sunday 26 April781+6
Saturday 25 April775+8
Friday 24 April763+8
Thursday 23 April755+32
Wednesday 22 April723+10
Tuesday 21 April713+20
Monday 20 April693+21
Sunday 19 April672+5
Saturday 18 April667+51
Friday 17 April616+46
Thursday 16 April570+8
Wednesday 15 April562+10
Tuesday 14 April552+31
Monday 13 April521+23
Sunday 12 April498+39
Saturday 11 April459+25
Friday 10 April434+20
Thursday 9 April414+22
Wednesday 8 April392+22
Tuesday 7 April370+20
Monday 6 April350+27
Sunday 5 April333+33
Saturday 4 April300+18
Friday 3 April282+18
Thursday 2 April264+24
Wednesday 1 April240+66
Tuesday 31 March174+10
Monday 30 March164+13
Sunday 29 March151+7
Saturday 28 March144+12
Friday 27 March136+26
Thursday 26 March110

Keeping fit during the lockdown

Professor Janet Lord shows you simple exercises to help your immune system, especially helpful for those a bit older. . .

New arrangements for London Buses

Following a successful trial, from Monday 20 April, buses in London will temporarily become middle-door only boarding as part of Transport for London’s (TfL’s) efforts to help combat coronavirus.

This means the front doors will no longer be in use across the bus network. Please only use the middle doors to board the bus and allow others to exit the bus first before boarding. There is currently no need to touch in.

The vast majority of people have followed the instructions of the Mayor and Government and have stopped travelling. The number of people using buses has plummeted by around 85%. This is essential to stop the spread of coronavirus.

It is essential that everyone continues not to travel and does not return to the transport network.

Our staff are working hard to support the NHS and protect all Londoners. Please help them and continue to follow the instructions not to travel for as long as it takes to defeat coronavirus.

LBE announce new arrangements for household rubbish

On the 7th April Enfield Council announced changes to the way house-holders can dispose of refuse. On days when the grey bin is due for collection, up to 2 additional sacks of rubbish may be put out with your bin.

If you wish to dispose of potentially infected items, such as used tissues and cleaning cloths, these should be double-bagged and left for 3 days before being placed in your grey bin.

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