Station Garden Group

Regular passengers at Bush Hill Park will know that last year Energy Gardens created a garden space at the foot of the footbridge on the up platform as well as planting-up 10 wooden troughs on the down platform.

Garden on the Sainsbury’s side of the station

Troughs at BHP Station. There are 10 on the ‘down’ platform which need care-and-feeding

This Spring they returned to the station on three dates to encourage local residents to take up regular maintenance of the garden (pictured).

Rosemary (left) and other volunteers working at the station on 7th April 2017

Residents Association members Rosemary Perkins and Caroline Wilmer will be working at the station on Friday afternoons at 3pm.  They would be delighted for a few more residents to get involved.  Once there are more regulars working at the station, more ambitious  plans are possible. Energy Gardens have provided the tools and plants—all  we have to do is provide a little bit of effort.

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Use this form to get in-touch with Rosemary and Caroline.

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