About us

There are numerous organisations representing the interests of residents within the Borough, so what’s the point of the Bush Hill Park Residents’ Association?

Our objects

To safeguard and promote the interest of residents and businesses in Bush Hill Park.

To help improve living conditions, community facilities and services for residents and businesses in Bush Hill Park by collaborating with the Borough Council and other Bodies or Organisations over the execution of their duties and/or provision of services.

To promote an active interest in the affairs of the London Borough of Enfield.

The area we cover

We cover the area of the postal address “Bush Hill Park”. The political Ward of Bush Hill Park is considerably larger, though we do have some members in N21/Winchmore Hill.

Our membership

At the end of September 2018 we had over 460 members.

We represent you

The BHPRA represents you with a wide range of organisations who provide important public services in the area. These organisations respond more readily to an organisation with hundreds of members, as opposed to individuals. We routinely work with local Councillors, LBE Council staff, the Met Police, TfL and local businesses. Whilst the local ward Forums give local people a chance to access their local Councillors, these are meetings occur only once every three months, as opposed to the monthly contact we have with the Councillors.

We campaign and support you

When it comes to tackling issues there is clearly an advantage in strength of numbers which the Association can provide. When necessary, we can galvanise support for a campaign through the membership. We also have people on the Committee who are well placed to discern the difference between facts and hear-say, allowing us to concentrate on the key facts.However, we will not act as an arbitrator for disputes between neighbours.We meet our local councillors at our monthly Committee meetings which gives us the ability to raise local issues directly and quickly with them.

We save you time

In our busy lives many people don’t have time to oversee the details of what our public service providers are up to. The Association performs that task for you.  In particular we have a very active mail-list sending out important news about our Area.

Recent Activities

  • We organised three litter clean-ups around Bush Hill Park station this year which attracted support from the young and old alike and collected over 50 sacks of litter.
  • We have met with the Council over the Enfield Master Plan
  • We submitted responses to a number of Council consultations
  • We wrote to TfL about serious problems with the Cycle Enfield scheme
  • We assisted with residents’ complaints following LBE’s change to the grass cutting on the King George V playing fields adjacent to Delhi Road
  • Two members have started maintaining and improving the gardens at Bush Hill Park station
  • We have had additional litter bins installed around Bush Hill Park station
  • We promoted a petition to TfL to reinstate speed cameras on the A10


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