Litter clean-up

The BHPRA regularly organise litter cleaning around the area.  Children are very welcome, but accompanied by an adult please.  Equipment is provided, courtesy of CleanupUK.  There’s a free coffee for all taking part.

14th October 2023

Sixteen volunteers collected 20 bags of rubbish from the road around Bush Hill Park station.

Some of the sixteen litter-pickers who helped clean-up around BHP station, October 2023 [Photo: Andrew Lack]

1st April 2023

Over 30 people joined our litter pick and the rain held off! Over 40 bags collected.

Litter pickers Saturday 1st April 2023

2nd April 2022

Around 34 adults and a number of children helped collect 30 bags of rubbish from the streets around Bush Hill Park station.

Some of the litter pickers, April 2022

21st September 2019

Fifteen volunteers helped collect an estimated 60kg of rubbish from around Bush Hill Park.  Our thanks to everyone for helping make a difference.

6th April 2019

Around 30 adults plus several youngsters from a local Scout Beaver troop collected 39 bags weighing 164kg, making this our second highest haul.  Our thanks to Sam from CleanupUK and our three ward councillors who all assisted.

Amongst the trash was this very nice tea tray (one of a pair) recovered from Village Road which, with a collection of other rubbish, made a pleasing study.

29th September 2018

25 volunteers joined the clean-up on a lovely late-autumn day.  25 bags were collected weighing 81kg.

Volunteers on 29 September 2018 about to set off for another clean up around Bush Hill Park

14th April 2018

20 volunteers collected 30 bags of rubbish weighing 128kg (281lb or nearly 21st).

Volunteers about to set off to clear more litter from around Bush Hill Park station

23rd September 2017

Our second event attracted 17 volunteers.  We collected 21 bags weighing 80kg.

some of the volunteers who helped clean-up on 23rd Sept 2017

1st April 2017

Our first spring-clean got over 20 volunteers out.  We collected 30 bags of rubbish totalling 280kg.

Some of the volunteers out collecting litter on 1st April.

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