Online subscription payments

We are encouraging all members to pay us their annual £5 subscription using online banking from 2024. This is easy to do, quick and removes the need for us to find volunteers to walk the streets knocking on doors.

To pay us your subscription, transfer £5 to our bank account using the following details:

Account nameBHPRA
BankBarclays Bank
Account number7099 3549
Sort Code20-29-77

Please use your house number and PostCode for the payment reference, so we can find out who has paid. Thus if you live at 10 Bury Street West, N9 9TZ, use the payment reference 10N99TZ.

You can also easily use online banking to automatically make the payment once a year, on the 1st January.

Standing Order Mandate

If you don’t use online banking, you might like to print this form, complete it and send it to you own bank branch and ask them to set up a Standing Order.

Standing Order Mandate. Please send a completed version to your own bank

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