A brief history of the Association

The Association was formed at a meeting which took place on 3rd December 1935, when a group of local residents met at an address in Haileybury Avenue. You can see the minutes of that historic first meeting below.
The Association met frequently from the end of 1935 up until 19th April 1940, whereupon the meeting minutes end due to the war. Subsequently, a meeting was held on 10th April 1958 in the Bush Hill Park Hotel at which 80 people attended, in order to see if sufficient support existed for the Association to be reformed. Clearly there was! The Chairman at that meeting was Mr C B Tocher, who had been the Chairman of the Association in 1940. Mr Tocher chaired the newly formed Ratepayers Association until he was made the Association’s first President in 1971.

Recent activities

A major success was the saving of the 377 bus route. This runs from Ponders End to Oakwood and with the help of London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney and local MP Andy Love it continues to service the heart of Bush Hill Park. It is a well used and popular service.

You can take the weight off your feet when waiting for the 377 or the 192 at the junction of Bagshot Road and Park Avenue. We gained funding from the Enfield Council Residents’ Priority Fund to provide much needed seats

The Enfield Council Residents’ Priority Fund also provided the money for the much needed refurbishment of the notice board in Queen Anne’s Place

We lobbied successfully for the rebuilding of the steps by Bush Hill Park Station with contrasting tiles for the visually impaired

One of our members alerted us to post-school anti-social behaviour in Cambridge Terrace. Association members worked successfully with the local police, one of our councillors and the local school to find a solution

As a community group we are involved with other projects like planting roses at Bury Lodge Park. Some of our members do a Wednesday morning gardening session helping to keep the park maintained and a safe and pleasant environment for all to enjoy

One of our members looks after the plants in the old horse water trough in Park Avenue. This helps make it a pleasant place to be while waiting for the bus

We successfully lobbied for the reinstatement of the post box in Edenbridge Road

As part of the plan to put in 20mph zones the Council proposed to paint double yellow lines on one side of St Mark’s Road, outside the shops. Shopkeepers were concerned this would badly affect business and met with a Councillor, Council officers and members of the Residents’ Association. A second meeting involving Cllr Chris Bond resulted in the decision to leave the road with its current single yellow line

On the occasion of General and Local Elections the Association has held hustings in the form of Q&A forums to allow residents to hear and quiz candidates

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