East-West Walking and Cycling Route

A year ago the Council began planning an east-west “active travel” scheme between Enfield Town and Ponders End. The proposed route passes through roads between Southbury Road and Lincoln Road. A section passes through the Park. You can read the Council’s proposals here.

East-West cycle route (proposed) as it passes from Southbury Road to Lincoln Road.

In late November we were contacted by residents who appeared to have only just heard about the scheme which proposes making several roads in the area one-way. Worse, a consultation by the Council was to only run for four weeks.

We contacted the Southbury councillors and suggested the consultation be extended, which it was until the 7th January. A public meeting held in January was attended by over 100 local residents, all very unhappy about the poor level of information from the Council. The BHPRA submitted the following points about the scheme;

1 The proposed one-way system for Percival Road, Bertram Road and Clive Road. Residents feel the proposal to allow only traffic into the area via Betram Road was not the solution to creating a quieter neighbourhood with less traffic. Exit to Southbury Road and Lincoln Road would be via Percival Road and Clive Road. This layout would create a bottle neck between Bert Way and Clive Way halfway down Bertram Road.

Residents suggest making the area a 20mph zone and LTN during morning and afternoon school start and finish times. Or to leave the road system exactly as it is now.

2. The proposal to make Eaton Road one-way (in a northerly direction) and Fotheringham Road (North) not accessible from Southbury Road for southbound vehicles other than buses, thus making Cecil Avenue the only southbound access into this area from Southbury Road.  As a result of these changes traffic levels will increase considerably in Cecil Avenue – which will remain two-way.

Due to a bus gate in Cross Road (which does not allow westbound travel for vehicles other than buses) this southbound traffic would then be sent up Fotheringham Road (North) into Seaford Road to continue its west or southbound journey.  Seaford Road and Fotheringham Road (North) are part of the proposed ‘walking and cycle friendly’ route and look destined to have more traffic rather than less.

It is suggested that the Cross Road bus gate be removed entirely so that traffic can flow more easily through the area via more routes.

3. The potential danger to children going to and from school or using the park due to this increase in traffic in Cecil Avenue has also been raised. There is a very sharp bend at the bottom of Cecil Avenue into Cross Road where children cross the road. At present this sharp bend often results in vehicles ‘getting stuck’ and having to manoeuvre with care to negotiate the corner. With the likely increase in traffic levels this will only get worse.

4. Traffic travelling northwards up ‘one-way’ Eaton Road will not be able to turn right out of the road into Southbury Road. Traffic would have to turn off Eaton Road into Queen’s Road, then into Stanley Road to turn right into Southbury Road. Queen’s Road residents are not happy with this as it would transform their quiet road into a busy one.

5. Cross Road will have a new entrance into the Bush Hill Park Recreation Ground. As a result, parking will be reduced in Cross Road due to the new wider entrance to the park which will jut out into the road and be bounded by double yellow lines. Double yellow lines will also be introduced on the north side of the road opposite this new entrance. The bus gate will also result in less parking in Cross Road.

Parking at present in Cecil Avenue which adjoins Cross Road is almost impossible due to the number of driveways.

The loss of parking spaces in Cross Road has been estimated at 16.

6. Enfield Croquet Club members (and visiting players) generally park in Cross Road as it has the nearest entrance to the croquet club and this decrease in available parking space will affect them badly as many members are elderly, have disabilities or don’t live within walking distance. The worry is that members will leave the croquet club if they can’t park nearby.

A suggestion is that the new entrance to the park from Cross Road does not jut out into the road but is built in line with the existing pavement. This would make it unnecessary to have double yellow lines on the northern side of Cross Road, and allow park users, such as croquet club members and youth football team players, to continue parking in this section of the road.

7. Parking will also be lost on the Lincoln Roadside of the park due to the introduction of double yellow lines on the stretch of road near to the pub. This loss will also affect youth football team players and other park users.

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