Bury Street West development wins two awards

The new housing development in Bury Street West has won two national awards from Inside Housing magazine.

Best rural/suburban development

Announcing the award in the October issue of Inside Housing magazine, it said “[the development] is an outstanding demonstration of how an ambitious local authority can both deliver beautiful family homes and use the as a catalyst to generate a haven for biodiversity on a heavily contaminated inner-city site.”

“This scheme uses the architectural language of farm buildings to nestle family homes in a new urban meadow that is open to the public.”

The judges were also impressed that 50% of the development is either 3 or 4 bedroom dwellings and that 50% will be available to rent at the London Affordable Rent level.

Best development team—Housing Development and Regeneration Team, LBE

Inside Housing said this of the Team: “Despite navigating complex inner-city contexts and the volatile post-pandemic housing market, the team completed or brought onto site 336 new homes in 2021 and began constructing 499 more in the first quarter of 2022. This looks set to continue Enfield has received the second-highest funding allocation from the GLA in its Affordable Homes Programme 2021–26.”

Inside Housing added “high levels of community engagement and resident support represent another significant achievement for this team.” Was this a reference to the BHPRA perhaps?

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