Houses go on sale at Bury Street West former dept site

Fifty houses have now been constructed on the former site of the Council green waste depot in Bury Street West. The majority of these are now being offered for sale, with 2-bedroom dwellings at £504K and the largest 4-bedroom dwellings at well over £800K.

The development is being promoted as Bury Street West, Enfield, but in fact with a postcode of N9 9FA, the development has an Edmonton address. The road will be called Sayersbury Way.

The 2-bedroom show house, No. 2, is quite spacious and has parking for one car (with an electric charge point) and a comparatively generous rear garden, which backs onto the ‘secret garden’ of Salisbury House. It has a downstairs cloakroom, living space and well appointed kitchen, but there is no door between the kitchen at the living area.

Upstairs it has two good sized double bedrooms, a large bathroom and storage cupboards on the landing.

The design is also notable for its high ceilings, which gives the rooms a ‘roomy’ feel. Of course this does require more space heating. There is also no loft space for more storage, though some may think this is an advantage!

The Energy Performance Certificates for the development are 90 (B), which is good, but not excellent. All dwellings have some amount of solar PV generating capacity. The only improvement currently noted is the addition of solar heated hot water. This is estimated to cost £5000 for the show house and would take the EPC value to 91, still B.

Dwellings have gas central heating, a disappointment today not to see heat pumps. There is also no battery storage for the generated electricity from the roof solar panels.

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